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End Of the Year Report

Time Magazine called the 2000’s the “decade from hell”, so it’s fitting that the year from hell, 2009, wraps up the decade from hell. The first month of the year, I dated the Yakima biology teacher from hell and subsequently spent the next few months getting over his lies and deception. I learned something very important from that, however. If someone lies about their age or name within the first week or two of getting to know another, chances are pretty strong that they’re going to lie about many more things down the line. Sometimes my Eastern Washington small town boy naïveté dominates my more rational and logical side.

During the spring, we lost Bea Arthur. I actually had a Golden Girls box set in my backpack the day I learned that she passed away. She did a lot of great things for the community and will be remembered for her wit and being such a generous philanthropist.

In June, Michael Jackson passed away a week before my birthday. This shocked the world as it was completely out of the blue. Joni Mitchell’s famous lyrics ring true: “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”. The world didn’t realize how much MJ had influenced today’s music until he was gone and all of the cable channels were showing MJ retrospectives 24/7. It was great to see everybody in the entertainment industry rallying around his memory, but why didn’t they do this while he was still alive? (rhetorical question)

In early July, I turned 35. I think this birthday affected me more than my thirtieth birthday. I finally realized what the term arrested development really means. I haven’t emotionally matured much since I was 19 and had to drop out of college. I’ve been in the same place since then, working the same type of job, reading the same books, same fashion sense, same haircut, and listening to the same music. Granted, it could be a lot worse. I could be a sandwich artist who expresses creativity by drawing clouds and trees with mustard and mayo squeeze bottles on parmesan-oregano bread. But I realized that I’m the exact same person I was at 19, except with a few battle scars. I learned that if I want someone to love me, then I have to mold myself to be the type of person I would want to date: college-degreed, decent orthography, honest, affectionate, well-grounded, and able to keep a clean house (those who know me the best know that I’m very cluttered *grin*). So, I’m working on all that. I re-enrolled in school in the Fall and pulled a 4.0 GPA for the fourth term in a row *and* actually declared a major, International Business. I emptied out all of the empty Sobe and beer bottles scattered around my apartment. Now if only I could figure out how to clean and get rid of stuff…

Just today, we learned that Brittany Murphy had a heart attack while taking a shower and passed away. She was three years younger than me. It’s really frightening to hear that people younger than you are dying from maladies that normally don’t affect people at that age. I’ll always remember Brittany’s awesome version of the Mentos jingle on “Clueless” (“Fresh goes better with Mentos fresh and full of life.”) and her rendition of Luann doing the biblical sock puppets on public access television. What a sad day.

So, what does 2010 have in store for us? The Winter Olympics are in Vancouver in a month or two. My sister is having her baby around the same time. I’ll still be in school and hopefully still among the ranks of the employed. Other than that, I have no idea. Maybe my prince will come. Maybe I’ll lose weight. Maybe I’ll get the lyrics to “Hard Candy Christmas” out of my head. The economy has hit bottom so will probably start bouncing back in 2010. Lastly, I hope that I’ll have more happy times than sad times.

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Why does Time Magazine is called the 2000’s the “decade from hell"?

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