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=== Tilt-A-Whirl® ===

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I'm sitting on a full flight from Frankfurt to Calgary now. According 
to the map, I'm halfway between Scotland and Iceland now. The guy 
sitting in front of me has his chair reclined all the way into my lap. 
I dont really mind if the guy is tall, but this dide cant be taller 
than 5'10". I regress. I've been gone from home for eighteen days, the 
longest I've been away from home in over five years. It was a much 
needed break from life after the year I've had.

On this trip, I went with a travel bud to Bulgaria and got to go 
swimming in the Black Sea for the first time, which means I had to 
take my shirt off in public (egads!) I had to take the shirt off again 
when I later went to the waterslides. Scary imagery, eh?  I had a blast,

(Somebody make the little African boy sitting behind me stop screaming 
already.. oi! lol)

Didn't meet any guys on this trip, but hadn't intended on meeting 
anybody new either, though. One of these days when I'm rich and 
physically built, I will find that stocky, hairy Euroboy of my dreams.

A few days ago I found out that my lying ex (Drew--closet case teacher 
in Yakima) got gay married to the unemployed former fuckbuddy/coworker 
of my long-term ex.  Remember, Drew's primary reason for breaking up 
with me was that I lived too far away. The guy he gay married lived 
even further away than I did. Just shows that Drewpussy truly has a 
perpetual compulsion to lie about everything. I'm pissed, but at the 
same time am happy that I didn't end up with someone as gutless as that.

I'm really looking forward to being home and seeing my cat again.  
I've been without her for almost three weeks and miss her nuzzling me 
and doing her patented love dance. As dumb as it sounds, I really 
can't imagine life without her. She always seems to know when I'm sad 
or lonely and comes and talks with me.  Not to mention, she's very 

Trying to decide if I should stay in Portland or find a new locale.  I have a love/hate
relationship with Portland and it would be pretty frickin awesome to start over again
somewhere new, but I have a decent job, so I'm torn.

Off to take a nap now!

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We'll always have Paris

You can pull an AndrewJeff and just move off to Europe and get a job teaching English. Then you can also find said hairy Euroboy of your dreams. Just make sure the boy cleans before sex....dick cheese is nasty!

What don't you like about Portland? I love it here so much, I can't imagine ever living anywhere else.
Where would you want to go?

Well, I love the Pacific Northwest. But Portland is probably the most boring town around. They have virtually nothing of interest.

Since I'd want to stay here, my city of choice would be Seattle. I'd still be in the area, and have the great (rainy) weather, also my friends and family would be close by, and by and large the city has all sorts of stuff to do. I hate Oregon though. The state gets shittier every time they pass a new law. Or haven't you noticed?

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