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End Of the Year Report

Time Magazine called the 2000’s the “decade from hell”, so it’s fitting that the year from hell, 2009, wraps up the decade from hell. The first month of the year, I dated the Yakima biology teacher from hell and subsequently spent the next few months getting over his lies and deception. I learned something very important from that, however. If someone lies about their age or name within the first week or two of getting to know another, chances are pretty strong that they’re going to lie about many more things down the line. Sometimes my Eastern Washington small town boy naïveté dominates my more rational and logical side.

During the spring, we lost Bea Arthur. I actually had a Golden Girls box set in my backpack the day I learned that she passed away. She did a lot of great things for the community and will be remembered for her wit and being such a generous philanthropist.

In June, Michael Jackson passed away a week before my birthday. This shocked the world as it was completely out of the blue. Joni Mitchell’s famous lyrics ring true: “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”. The world didn’t realize how much MJ had influenced today’s music until he was gone and all of the cable channels were showing MJ retrospectives 24/7. It was great to see everybody in the entertainment industry rallying around his memory, but why didn’t they do this while he was still alive? (rhetorical question)

In early July, I turned 35. I think this birthday affected me more than my thirtieth birthday. I finally realized what the term arrested development really means. I haven’t emotionally matured much since I was 19 and had to drop out of college. I’ve been in the same place since then, working the same type of job, reading the same books, same fashion sense, same haircut, and listening to the same music. Granted, it could be a lot worse. I could be a sandwich artist who expresses creativity by drawing clouds and trees with mustard and mayo squeeze bottles on parmesan-oregano bread. But I realized that I’m the exact same person I was at 19, except with a few battle scars. I learned that if I want someone to love me, then I have to mold myself to be the type of person I would want to date: college-degreed, decent orthography, honest, affectionate, well-grounded, and able to keep a clean house (those who know me the best know that I’m very cluttered *grin*). So, I’m working on all that. I re-enrolled in school in the Fall and pulled a 4.0 GPA for the fourth term in a row *and* actually declared a major, International Business. I emptied out all of the empty Sobe and beer bottles scattered around my apartment. Now if only I could figure out how to clean and get rid of stuff…

Just today, we learned that Brittany Murphy had a heart attack while taking a shower and passed away. She was three years younger than me. It’s really frightening to hear that people younger than you are dying from maladies that normally don’t affect people at that age. I’ll always remember Brittany’s awesome version of the Mentos jingle on “Clueless” (“Fresh goes better with Mentos fresh and full of life.”) and her rendition of Luann doing the biblical sock puppets on public access television. What a sad day.

So, what does 2010 have in store for us? The Winter Olympics are in Vancouver in a month or two. My sister is having her baby around the same time. I’ll still be in school and hopefully still among the ranks of the employed. Other than that, I have no idea. Maybe my prince will come. Maybe I’ll lose weight. Maybe I’ll get the lyrics to “Hard Candy Christmas” out of my head. The economy has hit bottom so will probably start bouncing back in 2010. Lastly, I hope that I’ll have more happy times than sad times.

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I'm sitting on a full flight from Frankfurt to Calgary now. According 
to the map, I'm halfway between Scotland and Iceland now. The guy 
sitting in front of me has his chair reclined all the way into my lap. 
I dont really mind if the guy is tall, but this dide cant be taller 
than 5'10". I regress. I've been gone from home for eighteen days, the 
longest I've been away from home in over five years. It was a much 
needed break from life after the year I've had.

On this trip, I went with a travel bud to Bulgaria and got to go 
swimming in the Black Sea for the first time, which means I had to 
take my shirt off in public (egads!) I had to take the shirt off again 
when I later went to the waterslides. Scary imagery, eh?  I had a blast,

(Somebody make the little African boy sitting behind me stop screaming 
already.. oi! lol)

Didn't meet any guys on this trip, but hadn't intended on meeting 
anybody new either, though. One of these days when I'm rich and 
physically built, I will find that stocky, hairy Euroboy of my dreams.

A few days ago I found out that my lying ex (Drew--closet case teacher 
in Yakima) got gay married to the unemployed former fuckbuddy/coworker 
of my long-term ex.  Remember, Drew's primary reason for breaking up 
with me was that I lived too far away. The guy he gay married lived 
even further away than I did. Just shows that Drewpussy truly has a 
perpetual compulsion to lie about everything. I'm pissed, but at the 
same time am happy that I didn't end up with someone as gutless as that.

I'm really looking forward to being home and seeing my cat again.  
I've been without her for almost three weeks and miss her nuzzling me 
and doing her patented love dance. As dumb as it sounds, I really 
can't imagine life without her. She always seems to know when I'm sad 
or lonely and comes and talks with me.  Not to mention, she's very 

Trying to decide if I should stay in Portland or find a new locale.  I have a love/hate
relationship with Portland and it would be pretty frickin awesome to start over again
somewhere new, but I have a decent job, so I'm torn.

Off to take a nap now!

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Flying from Bulgaria to Germany in 5 hrs. Looks like it's going to be another completely full flight.

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Testing a counter

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Wilhoit Springs, Oregon


Wilhoit Springs is the site of an old cold spring resort in Southern Clackamas County, Orgeon.  The site was “discovered” by White settlers right after the Civil War in the late 1860’s.  By the 1880’s, a resort was in full swing at Wilhoit.  The resort had a store, a post office that operated until 1928,  cabins along a creek, a hotel with a restaurant serving Continental fare, a mineral water swimming pool, and a pump house where one could pump the mineral water into glass bottles to take home.  In later years, a bowling alley was constructed.  Although one couldn’t take the train all the way to the springs, it did go as far as Molalla (10km north) and a stagecoach was usually waiting at the station to take visitors to Wilhoit Springs.  The water itself, which was analyzed by a German publisher, “Deutsche Hausohatz”, was said to have almost an identical composition to several therapeutic spas in Europe.  With this information in hand, the owners of Wilhoit bottled and sold the naturally light carbonated mineral water to stores and restaurants in the Portland and Salem areas for over forty years.  It was said to have been great for liver maladies, skin problems, and rheumatism.

Wilhoit Springs prospered until the 1940’s, around the time that most natural spas in North America started to decline.  The store apparently operated until the early 1950’s, along with the cabins.  The first and second hotels atthe site both burned down.  After the second hotel was destroyed, it was never rebuilt.

Wilhoit Springs Label

Wilhoit Springs Mineral Water Label (circa 1920's)

The site is now owned by Clackamas County and is open to the public.  Although the advertisement below from the 30’s mentions that it’s only an hour’s drive away from Portland, it took me about 90 minutes.   All that remains now are the caretaker’s home (still in use) and the concrete steps that led to the pump house.  There are two springs at Wilhoit, one artesian soda spring (slightly carbonated) and a sulfur spring that is capped but has a manual old-fashioned pump attached to it that still dispenses the spring water.

Stairs to Old Pump House on Left


Artesian Well (Soda Springs) at Wilhoit Springs (2009)

Me Pumping Spring Water

Me Pumping Spring Water


August, Schmaugust

Again, I’ve been slacking when it comes to updating my blog. I guess it’s time to play catch up, eh?

I’ve had a pretty busy summer so far. I’m still working twelve hour days, four days a week. I wish I could say that I spend my weekends being productive or doing something fun, but I pretty much just catch up on sleep on my days off. It’s difficult for me to go to bed within the first couple of hours after getting home from work, so I don’t end up getting much sleep on my days off.

In July I became the proud father of a five year old beautiful half-Egyptian pure white cat name Mademoiselle Cléo. She loves to chase laser beams and roll on the floor. I’ll often wake up to find her lying down on my chest staring at me while purring. She’s a very sweet princess and I’m happy that she’s part of my life now. I had been without pets since high school (for purely selfish reasons—I don’t take the loss of anything well; whether it be via death, abandonment, breakups, etc) and I forgot how much love they can give ya. (Her pics are on my Facebook profile if’n anybody wants to see how pretty she is)

My love and social lives are still non-existent.  I recently discovered that the guy I dated in January-February gained about 50 lbs and is dating someone almost twice his age now. As mean as it sounds, it made me a bit happy that he gained so much weight. I usually go for stocky/chubby guys, as most guys look better with meat on their bones, but he looks horrible. In the recent pic I saw of him, he looked remarkably similar to Chunk from “The Goonies” (a movie which he had never heard of). I’ve never understood cross-generational romance. I find it hard to relate to anybody more than a few years older or younger in either direction. If I mention Debbie Gibson in casual conversation, I expect the person to know who I’m talking about. Most people born in the 80s wouldn’t have a clue who she was.  While I’m on this tangent, what’s up with the recent pandemic plague of bears only going after young twinks? In a way, that’s reverse discrimination. Although ‘chasers’ do exist out there, they’re really not as common as bears looking for them are (i.e. there are more bears looking for chasers than there are chasers looking for bears). Has anybody else noticed this alarming trend? I feel like I’m going to squish a guy if he’s a lot smaller than me. Maybe I’m the weird one in not being attracted to skinny hairless guys? Who knows. Thoughts and dialogue are always welcome on this topic J

I’m going to Albuquerque in a couple of weeks to see my family. I haven’t seen my sister since June of last year, my mom since Oct of last year, and my dad since May. It’s liberating being so far away from family, but at the same time it kind of sucks that I’m not around with them. 

In October, my long-awaited trip to Europe will start. I saved for two years in order to go and still don’t have nearly enough money to do much over there (especially after paying $800 for the plane ticket). I’m flying into Frankfurt, will take a week trip to Bulgaria or Turkey (I love Ottoman history), and then spend a few days in Prague and hopefully a day in Maastricht. I had planned on flying into Kiev and going to the Crimea or Chernobyl (I know, I’m crazy), but just don’t have the time or funds to go that far east this time around.

I’m on break from work right now, so I’m off to work some more. Hope all is well for everybody!

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'Missing' Man Sought by Gay Pal Is Willingly Undergoing Counseling, Family Says - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News - FOXNews.com

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Upcoming blog changes
I currently have blogs posted at two different places, in which I've been cross posting everything. To alleviate confusion, I'm going to seperate both blogs.

Starting immediately, all postings regarding my personal life, political opinions, and pop culture will be posted on LiveJournal (http://blog.dorkus.de). All postings regarding my travels to offbeat places, hot springs, ghost towns, and geography will be posted at http://www.thedork.us/wordpress .

Special note to LiveJournal users/friends:
To add my other blog's feed to your LiveJournal, go to http://www.livejournal.com/syn/index.bml . Go down to the bottom where it says, "Add Feed by URL" and type in: http://www.thedork.us/wordpress/?feed=rss2

I really will start blogging more...I promise! :)

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Bayocean, Oregon

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So, I went on a three mile hike today. I didn’t wanna be stuck at home alone all weekend, so enlisted a friend to take a short hike with me to Bayocean. If you search Wikipedia, you won’t find much about Bayocean at all which is strange considering that there’s an entire article about Natalie from The Facts of Life. I had to delve into my small home library to find some information about this town that was washed into the sea mid-century.

Bayocean was founded in 1906 by a Midwestern developer who wanted to create a resort community. Initially, the development company would rent a yacht and usher crowds of prospective buyers from downtown Portland, up the Willamette, through the mouth of the Columbia, and down to Bayocean. It’s a bit reminiscent of the way timeshare resort communities offer lucrative vacation packages in hopes that the visitors will buy into one of ‘em.

By 1911, after much campaigning by the developer, the Southern Pacific/PR&N started service between Portland to Bayocean via Hillsboro. Interestingly enough, this line is still used to transport lumber between Portland and the coast (and vice versa). The line comes within a few blocks of my place and I hear the whistles nightly.

Initially the only two ways to get to Bayocean, or most of Tillamook County for that matter, was by rail or boat. The resort town was made up of an elaborate hotel, an indoor salt water swimming pool slash dance hall, a gas station, newspaper, post office, houses, cottages, and a grocery store. Most of these buildings (with the exception of the indoor pool, were all built on top of a 50 metre (~140 ft) sand dune.

Bayocean Natatorium

Bayocean Natatorium

Shortly after the town was developed, the US Corps of Engineers agreed to build two jetties at the entrance to Tillamook Bay in order to make the bay deeper to handle ships, as long as Tillamook and Bay City agreed to split the cost. The two small towns couldn’t afford such a giant project. They told the Corps to only build one jetty and they would pay half of the cost. The Corps advised against this, as it would cause the sand on the spit to be carried away and be displaced somewhere else. The two cities eventually talked the Corps into their plan of only constructing one jetty, which was completed in 1917 for $814,000.

Bayocean Hotel

Bayocean Hotel

By 1925, the beaches and dunes on Bayocean spit started to erode away, just as the Corps had predicted. When the Corps decided to extend the jetty in the 30’s, the erosion became even more destructive. Residents’ front yards started to drop down the dune into the sea at first, followed by houses and entire streets. After several big storms, the peninsula was finally breached in 1948, turning the spit into an island. The breach was up to a mile wide in some spots. What little was left of the town by this time, vandals would soon destroy. Vandals would take motorboats to the new island and do crazy stunts, like pushing a grand piano inside the hotel down the stairs, breaking all of the fine china, and razing houses and sheds.

In 1952, the Corps moved in and burned down all of the structures that remained standing. They then created a new breakwater to recreate the peninsula.

Bayocean Flora and Fauna

Bayocean Flora and Fauna

Erosion is still a threat on the peninsula today, although not as fast moving as it was before. Native plants are growing all over the dunes once again–from wild strawberries to Scotch broom.




Bayocean Goats

Bayocean Goats

Webber, Bert and Margie. 1989. Bayocean: The Oregon Town That Fell into the Sea. Medford, Oregon. Pacific Northwest Book Company.
“Bayocean: The Playground of the Northwest”, Retrieved 14 June 2009. (http://pdxhistory.com/html/bayocean.html)